Select testimonials from Rhonda Harper's coworkers, colleagues, and RTM&J's consulting clients.


Rhonda Harper, in one word, is simply unbelievable. She has an uncanny ability to develop master teams, quickly identify problems and motivate not only the team, but the organization to move toward creative and effective resolutions. Rhonda's extensive leadership experience allows her to approach every problem uniquely and with a fresh perspective. She has an unmatched level of determination and drive, that becomes infectious and encourages others to accomplish more. From turnaround company to thriving and start up to established brands, Rhonda brings an insurmountable amount of value to any organization. I am truly better for knowing her and even more fortunate to have her as a mentor. Given the opportunity, I would gladly work with her again. Stella Prefect, CRM Director


Rhonda Harper takes highly complex business problems, quickly and accurately analyzes the situation, develops multiple solutions, and pushes for implementation. She is incredible. Mike Grindell, EVP


Rhonda Harper is a smart, passionate and overall an amazing individual. She is well organized and knows how to create "A" teams andexecute plans. Rhonda would be a STRONG asset at any organization. Judge Graham, EVP, Chief Marketing & Digital Officer


I have worked with Rhonda Harper in a variety of projects. She provided us with deep consumer insight and creative, actionable marketing strategies that helped us build our business. I was especially impressed with her ability to identify the core equities of a brand, and help us focus our resources on the priorities that matter most to consumers. Cheryl Barre, CMO, Arby's

Brunswick Group Testimonial

I worked with Rhonda Harper on several Market Research Projects. Rhonda is not only exceptionally bright and insightful but also a pleasure to work with. She delivered highly actionable results and exceeded expectations. Mara Riemer, Director

Conagra Foods

I have known Rhonda Harper for more than 15 years as a client at Warner Lambert, Nabisco, Vanity Fair, and Sam's Club. We have both served on the Board of Directors of the Promotion Marketing Association (aka Brand Activation Association). Rhonda is highly intelligent and strategic; she is creative, visionary and a big picture thinker that allows her to develop unique bold solutions. Rhonda is also very ethical, with high standards of integrity. Bonnie Carlson, Senior Vice President of Integrated Marketing of Conagra, and President, Brand Activation Association.

Consumer Metrics, Inc. (CMI)

Rhonda Harper is a great strategic thinker, grasps the implications of research instantly and communicates the results to her clients in clear and concise language. She is excellent to work with, giving us insightful direction into the needs of her clients and then stepping back to let us do our job. On top of all that, she is high energy and fun to think and brainstorm with! Mike Mabey, VP, Client Solutions


Rhonda Harper has a tremendous breadth of experience which gives her a unique perspective in strategic marketing. Rhonda’s background as a marketer at Fortune 500 companies and Walmart helps her create innovate solutions for her clients. I strongly endorse her approach and proven results. Max Goldberg, Senior Vice Present of Marketing

GSD&M Advertising

Rhonda Harper led the Sam's Club marketing team and brought real smarts and energy to the position. Klaudia Flanigin, EVP

Heidrick & Struggles Executive Search

Rhonda Harper is one of the most talented, insightful and capable marketers that I've had the pleasure to know and work with. She has a classical marketing foundation, has been a senior executive in one of the world's leading companies and ran her own successful consulting firm. I recommend Rhonda to anyone who wants a brilliant strategic thinker, a provocative thinker, and someone who will help capitalize on an opportunity. Leanne Fesenmeyer, Director, CMO Practice

HSN - Home Shopping Network

Rhonda Harper does an amazing job of breaking through clutter and data to come to clear, actionable insights. She brings enormous creativity and a deep understanding of consumers when developing innovative marketing programs. Erica Thompson, Vice President of Marketing, HSN

Rhonda Harper was able to quickly grasp the business challenges at hand and recommend the appropriate method to gather consumer insights and translate them into highly actionable tactics. She was very flexible in her willingness to work under tight time-lines and on highly politicized issues. And, she could always draw on their vast experience to gain immediate credibility with people at all levels across the organization.

Rhonda Harper is a delight to work with both professionally and personally and they come to the table with a great deal of creativity and energy. She she a true passion for what we do and it shows in their work. Rhonda has a dynamic, highly experienced people whose work added tremendous value to the Marketing approach used by HSN. Julie Reid, Director of Marketing Research


We initiated our relationship with Rhonda Harper and her team to develop an innovative global Web Presence strategy for our company, and quickly experienced the value, intellect, and professional expertise of a remarkable team. As a result, we extended our engagement to develop the formal business case for this groundbreaking strategy. In each case, the team brought thoughtful, strategic excellence and a passion which was inspiring. I look forward to continuing our relationship with Rhonda Harper! Joy Jarrett, WW Interactive Marketing & Business Strategy Lead, IBM


Rhonda Harper has the unique ability to combine experience with vibrant creativity. Her ideas and actions are fresh and effective while delivering maximum ROI. Ken Darby, Director of Global Marketing & Communications

JC Penney

Rhonda Harper is an exceptionally motivating and inspiring leader. Her relentless philosophy of "real truth" promotes effective, practical, optimized execution of marketing strategies to meet ambitious goals. Great things are possible when you work with Rhonda. Her mentorship and guidance has been invaluable to me as a young professional, and I've learned an incredible amount about business, marketing, and professionalism from Rhonda. Allison Callaway, Art Director

Ketchum Public Relations

Rhonda Harper is very cognizant of the "business" of the business and not only has the ability to read and understand financial statements but is able to make the tough decisions when necessary that will impact the business yet stay aligned with the strategy.

Rhonda communicates the news clearly and timely and does not shy way from the tough news which is a great quality of her leadership. Steve Navarra, Partner, Director of Finance and Operations

Rhonda Harper is a driven leader, willing to encourage leadership in other team members and allow the opportunity of independent development. She is a challenging colleague and consistently finds ways to improve and grow. Rhonda inspires a relentless pursuit of success. Alejandra Barron, Account Executive

Rhonda Harper's broad marketing experience and successful performance in key executive leadership roles helped the agency position our core services and innovations as leading tools for a client's marketing mix in an evolving media world. She set clear goals and strategies for the organization and individuals, and helped Ketchum advance our own marketing and client service agenda. We continue to execute against and build on that foundation, and we're growing the business. Jerry Thompson, Partner

Nielsen Research

Rhonda Harper is one of my favorite people to work with. In addition to truly understanding the value of balancing fact-based insight, strategy and gut instinct, she is an energetic thought leader moves organizations forward into new ways of marketing.

Rhonda is also a very compelling speaker. I would be happy to have the opportunity to work with Rhonda again. Dave Tuchler, SVP Marketing

Ogilvy Mather Advertising

Rhonda Harper was my client at UPS during the successful launch of UPS My Choice, UPS's first B2C service. I led the Ogilvy team while Rhonda led the cross discipline team at UPS.

Rhonda was an excellent client, with a clear vision, an open mind, great insights and a generous spirit. She has high expectations of the people that work with her, and meets very high standards herself. And she is also a person who truly embraces the concept of optimization, always examining data to help distill our learnings and shape our next steps. Stephen Greifer, Senior Partner, Executive Group Manager

Progressive Insurance

I have had the pleasure to know Rhonda Harper personally and professional for over a decade. Recently, I have been given the opportunity to be Rhonda's agency of record during one of the most ambitious launches in UPS's history. Quite simply, there is no one better equipped from a business and marketing perspective to assess the opportunity at hand, array the right resources, and develop and move out against the right operational and creative strategies. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the greatest brands, and brightest people in our industry, and Rhonda has no equal. Bruce Perlman, Chief Integrated Marketing Officer

Russell Athletic Corporation

I have worked with Rhonda Harper on several projects including the development of marketing strategies, advertising & PR concepts, and an extensive research study delving into the attitudes and behaviors of active women. In each case, she brought great energy, creativity, and insight. Rhonda has an infectious "must-do" attitude and is a brilliant business strategist. Valerie Miller, Marketing Director

Sam's Club

I am a true fan of yours! Tom Grimm, President & CEO

As a leader and visionary in the Markeing/Brand Management industry, Rhonda Harper sets the standards and blazes the trails for others to follow. She manages her projects and teams with well thought out strategic approach for both short term and long term impact results. She's a leader, a teacher, a visonary and a partner. With Rhonda on your team, success is inevitable. I look forward to working with Rhonda throughout my career!! Shannon McCullock, Finance Director

Rhonda Harper is a brilliant marketer with an excellent grasp onconsumer behavior and trends. One of the top strategic thinkers and progressive change agents in American industry today. She is a visionary with a strong focus on ROI to help organizations adopt leapfrog strategies and cultural change. Ernesto Dias, Sr. Brand Manager

SC Johnson

I thought your work was GREAT! You really became an expert in the category in a very short time period. Your presentation style was entertaining and informative, which is a welcome relief as so many presentations are just data dumps. I strongly recommend Rhonda Harper. Bill Brody, Marketing Director, New Products

Texas Instruments, Leadership Worth Following

Rhonda Harper was a very engaged, creative, and high contributing fellow director of LWF. Her ability to provide frameworks for thinking about opportunities and alternatives helped the firm think through important decisions about the direction of the firm. In addition, Rhonda is great to work with. Steve Leven, Chief People Officer (retired), Texas Instruments and Lead Director, Leadership Worth Following, LLC

Tyson Foods

Rhonda Harper is a high caliber strategist that has helped my company with breakthrough insights and new approaches to move the business forward. Rodney Northern Vice President of Business Development and Innovation

Universal Studios Hollywood

I have known Rhonda Harper for several years and have had the pleasure of working with her in a few different capacities -- first as a colleague and fellow Board Member of the Promotion Marketing Association, and second as a vendor when I was in Marketing at JCPenney and Rhonda was in a similar capacity at Vanity Fair. In all cases, I have found Rhonda to be an absolute delight to work with and be around -- super intelligent insights matched with truly innovative thinking is a rare combination, but then add to that an ability to 'commercialize' her ideas within the appropriate context and you've got a real winner -- Rhonda Harper is just such a person. I wholeheartedly endorse Rhonda with tremendous enthusiasm and without any reservations. Mark Mears, SVP Marketing and Sales

University of Chicago

Rhonda Harper is a strategic marketing professional completely focused on her clients' successes. Her thoughtful insights have helped shape and direct some truly meaningful marketing and business initiatives. Paul Rand, VP Communications


Rhonda Harper brought fresh ideas along with a passion and background in social and digital media to our product launch team. In addition, she forged new ground among integrated marketing and communications teams and provided true thought leadership that encouraged others to think and reach beyond the norm. Rhonda Knight, Social Media Strategist and Program Manager

Vanity Fair Corporation

I highly recommend Rhonda Harper for both her marketing capabilities and her strong leadership skills. Rhonda is a seasoned professional and played a key role as a valued member of the executive team in successfully building the Vanity Fair portfolio of Brands. Rhonda is highly respected for her deep understanding of the consumer and market place insights. This resulted in an above average positioning of our brand portfolio in the marketplace.

Rhonda is an extremely effective leader, with the ability to inspire her team and influence all levels of management. She is a passionate participant in growing a business and finding creative solutions in all aspects of the business. She consistently met the challenges of conflicting priorities, a demanding workload, tight budgets and aggressive goals. I thoroughly appreciated Rhonda’s talents, enjoyed working with her and know that she would be an asset to any organization. Art DeCessaro, VP/GM


I admired Rhonda Harper so much when she was at Sam's Club. She is truly a brilliant marketer and although, we had limited face time, I took in everything she said and learned from every action that she took. She is definitely a positive change agent and I have never worked with anyone that stimulated my mind more. Peggy Knight, Senior Director, Financial Services.

Rhonda Harper was a motivating leader who pushed the envelop and moved the company forward. She helped develop sound marketing plans with measurable results. John Drechny, Senior Director, Financial Services

Warner-Lambert, Johnson & Johnson

I am very familiar with Rhonda Harper, both as a professional and in regards to the quality of her work at Warner Lambert. Rhonda brought intelligence and energy to all of her responsibilities and projects. She knew what she knew and what she needed to ask questions about. She was fast, efficient and productive. As a result, she was able to get major time-pressed projects done in a quality manner. I particularly admired that Rhonda had both integrity and courage. She was willing to suggest better ways of doing things and new ideas knowing that she would have to be persuasive to get them implemented. I would strongly endorse and support Rhonda in regards to any endeavor she is being considered for and/or is considering herself. Arthur Fox, Global Director Insights and Innovation

Washington Mutual / Chase

I was delighted at the attention Rhonda Harper and her team gave to our latest project. One of the most complicated projects we had ever attempted, Rhonda, developed and executed the program with careful attention to detail. I would recommend this group to any company that needs absolute assurance that their project will be handled with care and professionalism. Bryan Johnson, Senior Director, Insights and Strategy