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Know the rules of properly designed intellectual property infringement studies

Harper Litigation Consulting provides topnotch intellectual property infringement services. Ms. Harper offers intellectual property surveys, marketing surveys, rebuttals, and expert witness services to safeguard clients' rights.

Expert Witness Services

Ms. Harper provides expert testimony and consultation on cases involving trademarks and trade dress. Highly experienced and respected by the legal community, Ms.Harper has the expertise needed to conduct consumer surveys for litigation. For nearly two decades, Ms. Harper has provided intellectual property consumer surveys and rebuttals for hundreds of clients across virtually every Federal Circuit and the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board.

Ms. Harper has a strong understanding of the legal standards for survey research in both Lanham Act litigation as well as Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings.  

Trademark Infringement Surveys

Ms. Harper conducts trademark infringement surveys to determine whether among the relevant universe of consumers there exists a likelihood of confusion between marks, whether a mark has garnered secondary meaning, and whether a mark is generic. She meets court standards and provides reliable evidence.

Survey Methods and Principles

Ms. Harper is rigorous and follows best practices for survey development and advanced online survey platform design. Further, she follows the standards set by Dr. Shari Diamond, among others, to ensure the validity of her research studies. These include:

  • Appropriate universe selection and sampling frame
  • Rigorous and valid survey design that is probative of the relevant issues in a case
  • Inclusion of representative, qualified respondents
  • Use of procedures to minimize potential biases in data collection
  • Use of objective, non-leading questions
  • Use of procedures to reduce guessing among respondents, and
  • Full analysis and reporting of survey data
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