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Business and Marketing

Fortune 500 business and marketing experience makes all the difference.

As a former Fortune 500 business and marketing senior executive officer, Ms. Harper has the experience and expertise you need.

Rhonda Harper Expert WitnessMs. Harper is skilled at providing reports involving marketing, branding, product development and commercialization, distribution, strategy, licensing, digital and social media, in-store merchandising, and commercial reasonableness.

With 30+ years of experience, Ms. Rhonda Harper M.B.A. has:

  • had full, direct large corporation accountability for revenue and profit
  • led Fortune 100 marketing, corporate strategy, and research departments with annual budgets exceeding $200 million
  • managed direct-report staff teams comprised of more than 120 professionals
  • been responsible for all advertising, promotion, licensing, public relations, and research agencies for Fortune 100 corporations
  • a decade of experience leading a management consulting and research firm supporting Fortune 500 C-Suite decisions
  • taught MBA and undergraduate business, marketing, and research courses as an Adjunct Professor
  • been retained by 100+ law firms for consulting and survey work

That's a lot of experience. That's a lot of expertise. Put her to work for you.

Business and Marketing: Licensing

Business and Marketing: Commercial Reasonableness

Ms. Harper's 30+ years as a Fortune 100 senior executive also makes the difference in determining commercial reasonableness. If your case involves determining whether your client or the opposition operated using commercial reasonableness in business strategy, marketing, advertising, and more, contact Ms. Harper who is routinely retained to opine in these types of cases.

  • Did the company perform in the usual manner in the market?
  • Did the company conform to reasonable practices?
  • Did the company act in good faith and fair dealing?

Examples of cases that relied on Ms. Harper's commercial reasonableness expert report include:

  • The launch of a international brand through a U.S. retailer
  • The expansion of a retailer into multiple territories
  • The integration of a brand into a corporate portfolio

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