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Consulting, Research, and Testimony

Surveys & Survey Rebuttals

Having conducted thousands of surveys in her career, Ms. Harper is a survey expert. For litigation purposes, she has conducted or rebutted hundreds of trademark and trade dress surveys for likelihood of confusion, secondary meaning, and genericness, false/misleading advertising, and fame.

Ms. Harper's research capabilities include state-of-the art survey designs, hosting platforms, sample selections, and analytics that are probative of the relevant issues in each case. Ms. Harper designs, fields, and analyzes quantifiable surveys that provide a reliable measure of consumer perceptions.

Business Marketing Reports & Rebuttals

With more than 30 years of Fortune 500 experience across many industries, Ms. Harper is uniquely skilled at providing reports involving marketing and branding, innovation/product development, distribution, strategy, licensing, in-store merchandising, and more.

Ms. Harper has successfully rebutted expert opinions regarding a range of business and marketing areas. She formulates expert rebuttal critiques based on solid marketing principles and models, professional standards, and her more than 30 years of Fortune 500 experience. Ms. Harper also provides guidance on how to approach the opposing experts' depositions.