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False Advertising Survey – Hire Experience and Expertise

False Advertising Survey

Hire experience and expertise

Fortune 100 advertising experience plus litigation expertise makes all the difference in False Advertising cases.

Does your case involve false or misleading advertising? A survey can help establish whether or not relevant consumers have false believes about a product based on the challenged advertisement as the source of those beliefs.

With 30+ years of Fortune 100 advertising and consumer research experience, Ms. Harper is routinely retained to formulate expert false advertising surveys, conduct rebuttal critiques, or construct rebuttal surveys to show the potential difference in results with properly designed and executed surveys.

Ms. Harper has opined on false advertising cases including:

  • Nutritional supplement claims
  • Social and digital media claims for beauty products
  • Packaging claims for soda
  • Vacation package destination representations
  • Product source of origin

False Advertising Survey Standards

Harper Litigation Consulting and Research uses ten standards in ensuring the reliability of a false advertising survey:

  1. Survey the Relevant Universe
  2. Ask Questions that Measure Consumer Perceptions
  3. Employ Controls to Determine the Source of Consumer Perceptions or Misperceptions
  4. Select an Appropriate Test Stimulus
  5. Choose a Proper Control Stimulus
  6. Use a Fitting Data Collection Method
  7. Administer the Survey Consistently and in an Unbiased Manner
  8. Properly Interpret and Quantify Responses to Open-Ended Questions
  9. Correctly Calculate the Amount of Deception Attributable to the Advertisement
  10. Judiciously Describe the Survey Methods and Results

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