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Likelihood of Confusion Consumer Survey Expert

Likelihood of Confusion

Consumer Survey Expert Witness

Whether you need a testifying survey expert witness or a consulting expert in connection with a Lanham Act case, contact Ms. Harper. Courtroom qualified, she has been retained hundreds of law firms.

Rhonda has the real world experience that juries trust. An expert with 35+ years of experience, she connects the abstract to the case at hand. 

Ms. Harper is routinely retained to formulate expert surveys, conduct rebuttal critiques, or construct rebuttal surveys to show the potential difference in results with properly designed and executed surveys. She has extensive experience and a deep understanding of Lanham Act based survey design, sampling, question construction, data analysis, and methodological pitfalls that introduce bias or systematic error.

Ms. Harper is courtroom proven having provided services in virtually every Circuit as well as JAMS and TTAB. She has served as a Fortune 100 chief marketing officer and a adjunct marketing professor.

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