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The Lanham Act is the federal statute that governs trademarks, service marks, and unfair competition. It forms the cornerstone of trademark law, incorporating provisions that outline trademark registration and methods for dealing with activities infringing on the rights of a trademark holder, such as dilution or false advertising.

Specifically, it aims to protect the trademark owner from trademark infringement, unfair competition, and the public from confusion and inaccurate information with the goal of helping consumers identify the source of goods and services.

Cases involving the Lanham Act often can be strengthened by the scientific testing using consumer research surveys. 

Lanham Act by Section

Survey Standards

Ms. Harper follows the standards set by Dr. Shari Diamond, among others, to ensure the validity of her research studies. These include:

  • Appropriate universe selection and sampling frame
  • Rigorous and valid survey design that is probative of the relevant issues in a case
  • Inclusion of representative, qualified respondents
  • Use of procedures to minimize potential biases in data collection
  • Use of objective, non-leading questions
  • Use of procedures to reduce guessing among respondents
  • Full analysis and reporting of survey data

Ms. Harper, Lanham Act Survey Expert 

Ms. Harper has conducted and rebutted hundreds of Lanham Act surveys across virtually every Federal Circuit.  She uses state-of-the-art survey platforms, leading sample companies, appropriate methodologies, and objective measures to ensure the survey stands up to court requirements..


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