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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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Does expert witness Ms. Harper have any assistants or other staff working with her?

No. However, if a specific project requires additional support, Ms. Harper has a network of highly skilled individuals and companies upon which she can rely.

How does Ms. Harper determine if she will take on a client as an expert witness?

After conflict checks, Ms.Harper reviews the case to determine if: (1) the case has merit; (2) she agrees with expert's role within the legal strategy, and; (3) whether she has the expertise and availability to provide value.  Ms. Harper rejects about one-third of all cases presented to her.

Has Ms. Harper, either personally or professionally, ever been sued or sued someone else?


Is Ms. Harper an attorney?


Does Harper Litigation Consulting and Research carry professional insurance?



Can we engage Harper Litigation Consulting and Research through an agency?

Yes. HLCR is represented by:  ALM Experts, Cahn Litigation Services,, Forensis Group, HG Experts,, IMS Services, JurisPro, and Roundtable Group / TREWS.