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Commercially reasonable means that the particular arrangement furthers a legitimate business purpose of the parties to the arrangement and is sensible, considering the characteristics of the parties, including their size, type, scope, and specialty. An arrangement may be commercially reasonable even if it does not result in profit for one or more of the parties.

Commercial Reasonableness Key Questions

Did the company perform in the usual manner in the market?
Did the company conform to reasonable practices?
Did the company act in good faith and fair dealing?

Ms. Harper, Expert Witness

Ms. Harper's 35+ years as a Fortune 100 senior executive makes the difference in determining commercial reasonableness. If your case involves determining whether your client or the opposition operated using commercial reasonableness in business strategy, marketing, advertising, and more, contact Ms. Harper who is routinely retained to opine in these types of cases.

Examples of cases that have relied on Ms. Harper's commercial reasonableness expertise and experience include:

  • The launch of a international brand through a U.S. retailer
  • The expansion of a retailer into multiple territories
  • The integration of a brand into a corporate portfolio
  • The marketing of a licensed product 

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